Hello, I'm Kristen.

Short story — I love to create

Long story — I have been doing graphic design for 8+ years, and photography has been something I've loved for a long while. I majored in communications in college (w/ a minor in art), worked full-time as a graphic designer, and then started freelancing from home when I became a full-time momma. I FINALLY decided to start my own photo + design business in Fall of 2020. I really couldn't decide if I wanted to focus on photo or design, and then thought why do I have to choose? I love all things creative.

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A little more about me.

I have been married to Stephen since May 2015. Together we have two beautiful little girls. I was born/raised in Chicago, IL but currently reside in Richardson, TX. I love going to the movies, visiting the mountains, dark chocolate, camping, and street tacos. I am an introverted extrovert, and an enneagram 6w7. My top three fav movies are About Time, Ocean's Eleven, and Father of the Bride. I spend most of my time at home with my girls, but I love having the creative outlet that this side gig gives me.